The listing is for one desk water fountain. 


  • Each includes a water pump with cord, a fountainhead, a water sealed flowerpot, and 3 flower sculptures with 3 forest-green leaves complete with veins.

  • Each fountain has three orchids. 

  • Each flower is approximately 12 inches long. (Size of a single-stem orchid.)

  • Blossom is approximately 4 inches across.

  • Stems are  1/8 inch steel rod.

  • Hand-painted with droplets of patina.

  • 3 Layers of clear coat.

  • Handmade in the USA.


  • Description

    Water and steel collide to make these fountains truly distinctive! Each fountain has three flowers surrounded by delicate, interwoven leaves. Hidden within this steel wonderland is a miniature water fountain. The water is soothing and relaxing as it bubbles and flows.  Lose yourself in this handmade, stainless steel paradise!