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Whatever the occasion our flowers are here for you!
Our flowers are handmade to last, giving you unique beauty with a purpose.
Blue Yellow Orchid, Teal Rose, & Purple Teal Orchid Forever Wedding Bouquet Held By Wedding Model

Wedding: Why go with a traditional bouquet that wilts and loses its color when you can have a unique and special bouquet that showcases your own inner strength and resilience and can be kept forever?

At home: Why settle for wilted generic flowers when you can stand out with recycled steel flowers that are handcrafted to be as unique, strong, and beautiful as you are? Brighten up any room for a no-maintenance, easy to clean option that showcases your inner strength and resiliency. It’s urban art to match your style.

Blue, Teal, & Purple Roses Bouquet in Crystal Vase on Glass Patio Table
Close-up Red Yellow Orchid, Red Rose, & Yellow Orange Orchid Bouquet in Metal Picture

Garden: Long-lasting, sustainable art to showcase your unique style to the world. Quality, beauty, and purpose all in one place. 

Gifts: Perfect for that special someone who is more interested in long-lasting beauty than a fleeting gift. Impress your loved one with handcrafted beauty with a purpose that will stand out as much as they do. 

Blue & Purple Roses with Purple Teal Orchid in Crystal Vase by Toys on Kitchen Table
Blue, Teal, & Purple Roses Bouquet on Stone Deck in Crystal Vase Version 1

Use by the pool: Brighten up your outdoor area with a no-maintenance statement piece that offers dependable flexibility while being uniquely beautiful. Handcrafted to be as unique as you are.