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Store Policy


  • In order to handle shipping delays, Bobbianne’s Flowers works with multiple carriers to ensure you receive your order in the quickest time possible.

  • To handle distribution issues caused by countries closing their borders and international shipping restrictions, Bobbianne’s Flowers sources materials from the U.S.A. Also, we use upcycled material which helps ensure we have the material we need in great supply. 

  • Shipping sanitation measures. Your order is made by only one person, Bobbianne. Her studio is well ventilated. And for add measure, Bobbianne sanitizes all products before they are packaged. All the mail carriers use contactless pick-up for your order. 

  • During viral outbreaks, Bobbianne’s Flowers is offering a flexible return shipping policies. Please contact us if you need to return your order after the regular 30 days has expired. We are happy to work with you. See our contact information below:


Sanitization At Home

Flowers can be cleaned and disinfected for COVID-19 using household cleaners. Due to the clear coat, flowers can be dipped in water, washed, and disinfected. Disinfecting will not damage this original piece of artwork. Consequently, feel free and safe to dress up your dinner table or indoor potted plants with a beautiful flower.