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Our Story

The Art Victor-rite

Headshot of Bobbianne of Bobbianne's Flowers

Hello! I am Bobbianne Stambaugh, and welcome to Bobbianne’s Flowers! Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my business. To start, let me tell you about myself.  I define myself as an art victor-rite. The term art victor-rite is a combination of my identities/parts. I am an artist. Since I was a little girl, I have lived and breathed art. I grew up in a gallery and art supply store. I then went on to receive a bachelor's and master’s degrees in Fine Art.  I am also an activist. Specifically, I stand up for trauma survivors. I do this by giving public speeches where I educate people about trauma and its effects. Lastly, I am a trauma survivor who has survived and overcome my trauma. Consequently, I am an art victor-rite.

Art = Artist

Victor = Overcoming Personal Trauma


Rite = Advocating and being an Activist for other Trauma Survivors

The Flower

Blue, teal and purple roses by the pool

Being a trauma survivor, I understand the challenges of overcoming trauma. Trauma leaves a scar on the soul. As a metaphor for being a trauma survivor, I use up-cycled steel. Steel has a memory. Every bend, burn, or cut leaves a trace behind. I turn something left behind and damaged, like steel thrown in a dumpster, into a thing of beauty. It’s the discarded steels’ imperfections that give it perfection. These recycled steel flowers are a visual representation of a survivor’s personal strength and intrinsic, natural beauty. 

The Cause

While designing my logo, I wanted to bring together the influences behind Bobbianne’s Flowers.

Women's Profile in Purple

First, there was me. I am represented as a purple profile of a woman.  More aptly, an art victor-rite looking to make art with meaning. I did this by bringing beauty and change together.

Purple Flower from Bobbianne's FlowersLogo

However, it needed to be self-reflective. Then I saw the roses I had been collecting since childhood. A flower could hold my message and be a metaphor. By using discarded steel as a symbol of trauma and pain, I would transform the steel into resilient beauty. So I added the flower into the logo.

Purple, Green and Teal Stars of Bobbianne's Flowers Logo

The stars represent an idea. Stars twinkle and change. They are our hope in our darkest moments. I could create a place of hope and acceptance. A community that was ever-changing and evolving.

Purple, Green and Teal Stars and the meaning behind the colors of Bobbianne's Flowers

The colors are important too. Purple represents trauma, acknowledging the past while growing toward our future. It also represents trauma treatment and prevention organizations, our important partners in our donation program. Green represents healing and growth. Finally, blue is for our blue planet and our commitment to sustainability. In the studio, I recycle steel and use environmentally safe manufacturing processes. As a result, I am ensuring future generations have a clean place to call home.

All the parts of the Bobbianne's Flowers logo together

The logo was only a start. I wanted to give more.  That is when I started a donation program. I donate 5% of all sales to organizations that help people overcome trauma. I do this as an act of healing. I believe the way people heal is by helping and giving to others. Hence, I created the business, Bobbianne’s Flowers. I wanted to inspire people to redefine themselves and be the healing force they want to see in the world. Who knew a little steel flower could mean so much?!?

Donations Go To 

Artreach, Inc.

     Recently, Bobbianne's Flower partnered with Artreach, Inc. I am excited to announce that we will be giving proceeds to this amazing organization. Please feel free to learn more about them below. 

Artreach Logo.png

Artreach, Inc. Organization Summary & Mission:

Artreach heals through creativity. Our programs use the creative arts to support sustainable recovery from psychiatric disorders and to raise awareness about mental health in the community-at-large. By providing theater, music, visual arts, and recreational opportunities to members, we enhance the quality of our members' lives and teach skills that help them achieve and sustain recovery after experiencing mental illness. Our public performances and art exhibits engage attendees in conversation about mental health and serve to bust the stigma of mental illness, creating social change in our community. 

To learn more about this amazing organization, please go to:


Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube: @Artreachheals

Close-up of Recycled Steel Red Rose


If you or someone you know needs support as a result of experiencing current or past trauma, please refer to these resources below:



Provides various trauma resources.



Overview of trauma.



Resources domestic violence, trauma, and mental health.



Provides various trauma resources for families and children.



Specializes in PTSD related trauma.


Specializes in child trauma:




Community Outreach 


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