Purple Orchid, Blue Rose Centerpiece Kit

Transforming discarded steel into gorgeous home decor while changing the world.

Inspired by trauma survivors’ resiliency, our flowers embody survivors' healing and courage. Beauty is handcrafted because of imperfection. While enjoying unique beauty in your home, know that you’re joining a community of change. Your support helps the planet by recycling discarded steel. You also help empower trauma survivors through our 5% donation program. Currently, we are donating to Artreach, Inc., an organization that uses the power of art to support sustainable recovery from psychiatric disorders.  
Turquoise, Yellow & Purple Recycled Stee
Teal purple orchid, yellow blue orchid, purple red orchid, red purple orchid hero image with detail
Desk or Patio Fountain From Recycled Ste

Taking care of your flowers in light of COVID-19:

Flowers can be cleaned and disinfected for COVID-19 using household cleaners. Due to the clear coat, flowers can be dipped in water, washed, and disinfected. Disinfecting will not damage this original piece of artwork. Consequently, feel free and safe to dress up your dinner table or indoor potted plants with a beautiful flower. 

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